Custom Built-in Bunkbeds

How We Built the Showhouse Bunkroom

The bunkroom at The Coastal Living Showhouse was originally conceived to sleep up to 8 kids in 4-queen size bunks……….. and we wanted an uncluttered room. Our first constraint was that we were building in the Olde Spanish Bight which was the swampy area located between Coronado Island and North Island. The bunkroom was to be built under water:Coastal Living Showhouse Basement Unfinished

This is where the phrase, “Stuck-in-the-Mud” comes from. Building in the bight became a balance act between pumping, excavating, and waterproofing. We pumped over 6,000,000 gallons of water during the construction of the basement. (The excavator is standing in the future bunkroom).


Finally…….. waterproofing was complete and a 24-in slab was poured to offset the hydrostatic pressure which wanted to turn the basement and bunkroom into a boat.

The bunkroom is taking shape in the far left corner….PROGRESS!


Coastal Living Showhouse Bunk Room Unfinished






Here was the trick to building an uncluttered bunkroom. Designer Dorian Lytle specified a 4X12 which was built into the framing and extended the entire width of the room in order to accommodate “The Big Sleepover”. Because of the window location, the upper bunks were limited to full size mattresses and set perpendicular to the bottom bunk beds, which were queen size.